The Power of our Choices

How to Make Good Ocean-Minded Choices Everyday

One of the key aspects of Guardians of the Deep is realising that our everyday choices hold the power to bring about positive environmental change. At the beginning of each Guardians session, we chat about the good choices that we have made during the week to share ideas and inspire others to join the shifting tide of perceptions. If you would like to share your ideas, post them on the Guardians Facebook page. I will add some of your really cool ideas to this page. Below are a few ideas to start you off on your journey to make a positive difference for the environment (click on the links for more information on the ideas)…

  • Start a compost heap: This will reduce the amount of refuse that needs to be collected every week, will put food scraps to good use by returning them to the earth and provide nutritious compost for your garden during a time when leaving your home for such items is not allowed.
  • Make ecobricks: Not only will you be removing these non-recyclable items from the system; you can also donate these bricks to local upskilling and building initiatives.
  • Support your local farm shop: When you buy food, why not make it local? This supports a small local business that might be struggling during these COVID times, and you can reduce your carbon footprint by supporting local. Neighbourhood Farm is one such business, with loads of yummy, healthy options.
  • Learn about the Dirty Dozen for when you join beach clean-ups: Not only will you now know which items are some of the biggest contributors to marine pollution, you can also start to think of ways to phase them out of your lifestyle
  • Recycle: While stopping the usage of single-use products is definitely the ultimate goal, recycling already bought items is better than sending them to the dump. By reusing the materials in certain products, it will free up space in landfills and preserve natural resources. Cape Town offers a free recycling service through Wasteplan.
  • Use eco-friendly household cleaners and detergents: Our laundry detergents and household cleaners end up in freshwater and marine ecosystems so look for those products that are biodegradable, made from plant-based ingredients and are phosphate- and cruelty-free. Pick n Pay (Green Household) and Checkers (Simple Truth) have awesome ranges of effective eco-friendly cleaning products that smell really good and don’t harm the environment when used.
  • Brew loose tea: Teabags release billions of microplastics into you and the environment. Why not go bagless? It’s better for the environment and your compost heap.

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu