Chacma Champions

The Chacma Champions is both a 5-day holiday programme and a 10-day innovation term programme.

Students are introduced to different habitats and, using the charismatic chacma baboon, shown that nature is intricately connected, that no habitat thrives in isolation. They study wetland microhabitats, explore the rocky shore and carry out a beach clean-up. Chacma Champions learn about baboon life and troop dynamics, discover more about the important roles that these animals play in the unique and incredibly biodiverse fynbos biome and even get to meet key members of their local troop (through photos). The students learn that our choices have consequences, and that these choices give us the power to help the environment, they work together, across communities, to come up with simple solutions for better waste management and to minimise urban attractants for wildlife. Attendees gain environmental knowledge and a deeper understanding of our impact on the environment. There are also art and poetry competitions, guest speakers and nature meditation to encourage our re-connection with the natural world.

Students showing good leadership skills, compassion towards others and an enthusiasm to learn more about the environment and how they can make a difference to help conserve our natural world, will be chosen to join the Tembo Mentorship Programme. They will assist us in the next Chacma Champions Holiday Programme and we, in turn, will teach them valuable life skills, facilitate training and help them to set up their own community projects. We will work with them towards an incredible ecocentric future!

Chacma Champions Slangkop April 2021
Chacma Champions Da Gama April 2022