The Krakens is a 5-day marine holiday programme that immerses students in ocean life and environments, discovering the importance of nature and how best to protect it.
Exploring the rocky shore and sandy beach, snorkelling in protected tidal pools, participating in clean-ups, creating marine art from beach-cast pollution, learning about citizen science through a long-term monitoring programme and producing an environmental awareness campaign to amplify the voice of change. The students also get to visit the endemic African penguin at Boulders Beach and learn more about sharks and the jawsome Shark Spotters. This holiday programme also includes poetry and art sessions, encouraging students to keep an eye out for, and appreciate, the smaller critters that we encounter.

Students showing good leadership skills, compassion towards others and an enthusiasm to learn more about the environment and how they can make a difference to help conserve our natural world, will be chosen to join the Tembo Mentorship Programme. They will assist us in the next Krakens Holiday Programme and we, in turn, will teach them valuable life skills, facilitate training and help them to set up their own community projects. We will work with them towards an incredible ecocentric future!